Friday, December 20, 2019

How Big is My Dream?

Do we decide whether to pursue something based on how big or how small it is to us?  If it’s big and requires a lot of time and effort will we talk ourselves out of. If it’s small will we abandon it thinking it’s not worth pursuing?  Why bother if it’s not going to mean that much in the long run.
We can come up with more excuses that, pardon the phrase, Carters has liver pills.  But there is no big or small. It’s all important. However, we can run and hide and tell ourselves and everyone else who will listen that we aren’t going to pursue something because it’s not meant to be, we don’t really want it that much or someone else already did it, is doing it or will be pretty soon.  And that’s partially true. If we wait long enough someone else will be doing it, perhaps not in the same way as we would but some form it of will still get done.
When we cheat ourselves out of living our dreams we also cheat the world because no matter what it is we were going to do, no one else can do it the way we would have.  No one will sing a song and reach an audience in the same way, no one will design a building exactly as we would have, no one else can interact with others the way we could, the music will not be written, the business will not be started, the healer will not reach out.  The list is endless. If we’re not doing it then it doesn’t get done. Simple as that. if we don’t do what our hearts tug at us to do then it’s lost and will not get done – ever.
The questions is can we find the inner strength residing within to provide the impetus we need that says “no matter, I accept and embrace this as mine to do.”  It is no small feat to say yes to things but it is no small feat to say no either. Things tug at us because they are calling to be fulfilled and we are the catalyst that is being used for that purpose.  We are “the chosen ones.”  
Quote:  No moving picture of life is made up of only one player or one event.  My part on the stage is important, for without me the cosmic drama would be incomplete.  (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Making Mountains out of Molehills

How good are we at making mountains out of molehills? We start out with a tiny issue and before you know it we have made it so insurmountable we think our world is coming to an end. Dwelling on the issue we spend more and more time trying to figure out, not only how we got into this ditch, but how we’re going to get out of it. 

Now comes in the saying “what you resist, persists.” It not only expands our issue it is affecting how we feel. Our lives become topsy turvey and not much else matters. It seems that our lives are becoming smaller. 

We know this isn’t want we want. We are smarter than this. Our mommas didn’t raise no dummies. But we’re feeling like one and we might even be acting like one. We pray no one is noticing our newly developed madness. 

So the question is – can we stop the mental rumblings long enough to come to the realization we were never facing a mountain to begin with. We just decided to purposely focus on that mountain long enough to make it one. Can we relax and hopefully have a bit of a laugh as we observe our behavior from a different perspective? Perhaps we can even promise ourselves that, in the future, we’re going to be clearer about what’s really going on in our lives and place things where they really belong. 


Quote: The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. (William James