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We all have experiences. Some we bring on ourselves, some seem to be thrust upon us.  Some I may lay claim to have been: panic and anxiety attacks, infertility, divorce, cancer, and osteoporosis which has led to various complications. On a lighter side, I am blessed to have reached 72 years of age, have a beautiful daughter, have traveled and lived in numerous places throughout the United States learning of the different ways of experiencing life while, at the same time, cultivating cherished friendships.  I have won some challenges; I have lost others but I am hopeful that I have grown from all of my experiences.

I have left behind religious restrictions that have held me back and embraced an all-inclusive interfaith view of spirituality that says “all roads lead to the same God.” Breaking the “chains that bound me” wasn’t a clean or easy break but, in hindsight, all the struggles and vascilations were more reason to move ahead with those who spoke my language.  I am comfortable where I currently reside in my spiritual life, however, I am constantly in pursuit of truth as it pertains to my own spiritual journey.  

I have devoted years to a newsletter, composed spiritual and non-spiritual songs, sang at churches and open mics, engaged in self-publishing and recently put together a four-song demo of original songs.  During my time in NYC, I also lead healing music workshops, and discussion groups.

Now as I continue to embrace those things that called to me in earlier years -music and writing- learning and engaging more with the angelic realm and connecting on a higher level with Spirit, and as I attempt to remain open to life’s experiences and to where they lead me, it is my hope that what I write and compose will benefit others who are seeking their own path on their own terms.

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