Sunday, November 26, 2017

I Didn't Say I Wanted To Do That. Or Did I?

I have a question for you and it's this; what would you be doing if you already knew, in advance, what you came here to do?  Yes, yes, I can hear it now.  Gripe, gripe. “How could I answer a question like that?  If I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I’d be doing it.  Duh.”

Alex Grey, Process of the Soul: Body, Mind, Spirit
Well, what if you were to contemplate the fact that you did come here already knowing what you wanted to accomplish, what lessons you wanted to learn, and what giving and receiving you planned to engage in?  What if you had made some sort of arrangements before coming here to do certain things, things that would expand your consciousness, grow your soul and cause an evolution the world has yet to see the likes of?

 Sound preposterous?  What if that is exactly what happened?  Can you visualize what you would be doing?  When you do are you able to feel things stirring up inside you that were long forgotten?  Do ideas and images appear to you that weren’t there before?  Do you notice feelings of passion welling up inside you as if you have reconnected with some long-awaited dream?

But is it preposterous?  Or is part of your reality waiting to be discovered?  Are you opening up to something that is already part of the big picture?  Is it there waiting for you to claim and make part of your life in the here and now?

Of course, then the next question has to be, “So, what is it that you ARE doing?”  Are you living your dream, your passion, that part of that has you jumping out of bed each morning excited about moving further onto the path of your destiny, that part of you which already knows what is yours?
Whether or not you subscribe to the concept of ‘scripts’ or ‘sacred contracts,’ can you conceive of the possibility that the choices you are making now concerning how you are living your life, have already been made in advance - by you?

✨ Marian

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Your Goodies Are Coming! Yay!

Venice Beach, CA
I received a note from a good friend that said, “Know yourself to be held in complete love by the Universe at every moment and go forth in joyful expectation.”  I loved that.  It was comforting for me to think that, regardless of what was going on in my life, I was loved, cared for, guided and protected.  Not only that, there was the joyful expectation that my goodies were waiting for me. 
Long Beach, CA

But how many of us can know this to be true and hold onto that belief?  We're thrilled at the concept but, when it gets down to the nitty gritty and every day is not blissful, are we able to keep on believing or do our doubts start surfacing and cloud over what we want to believe is true?  Do quotes like, “Keep on keeping on” still work for us?  Are we the staunch believers we tell ourselves we are or do we become one of those people we're always trying to bolster when they are down?  And how long is our hanging-on shelf life?
Healing Calendula Flowers
So, when is enough enough?   Can we just believe that, within Divine Order, our good must come to us?  That it's our birthright to have our good because the good we're attempting to draw to us is the same good Spirit wants to bestow upon us.  It's not some complicated equation.  It’s law.  It’s natural that it should happen.  So, when someone says, “Go forth in joyful expectation of your good” why do we get all excited at the idea of this?  It’s because sometimes we need to be assured of what we already know to be true.  

💚💚 Marian 

-Mahatma Gandhi 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Are You In Your Groove?

One bummed out Clayton Kershaw
Did you happen to watch the World Series games between the L.A. Dodgers and the Houston Astros.  I have to admit that I only watched the last three games but it was enough for me to wonder if the Dodgers really were serious about winning.  And while I’m pretty sure they had it in their heads that they wanted to win, their actions indicated something else.  The aggressiveness of the Astros constantly overpowered the ability of the Dodgers to find their groove.  Was it because the Dodgers didn’t think they had a groove to find or did they think it wasn’t important enough?  I spent three games muttering, “Come on already, look like you care.”  I doubt I was the only one.

Okay the reason I bring all this up and use these games as examples is because it puts us in the position of asking of ourselves, “How are we playing our game” -  games in this case being the winning of our dreams.  Are we motivated enough to want to find our groove and stay there?  Or do we exclaim that we hope to find our groove and that things will somehow work out for us?  Do we half-heartedly make an effort to manifest our dreams thinking that will suffice?

I want to make it clear that this is not about bashing the Dodgers.  It’s about asking ourselves if we approach fulfilling our dreams in the same manner.  If we can say yes to this then we already know what the results will be although I doubt any of us would cop to working from this level or with this attitude.  When we don’t see the manifestation of our dreams can we ask, “Is this what I’m doing.”  And can we be truthful with our answer even if it’s not what we want to confront. 

All said, don’t despair.  The good news is that once we realize what we’re doing we’re in the position of changing our approach.  So be awake, be aware.  Then decide what your end goal really is and work from there.  Make sure that when the soles of your shoes are worn out it’s the result of real action. 

⚾ Marian 

The Empire Strikes Back

Sunday, November 5, 2017

If You Stop Midstream, You Risk Drowning

Paul Tenaglia 
Paul Tenaglia of Unity was spot on when he spoke for all of us who are thinking of abandoning our dreams because, basically, we have had it with trying to manifest them.  We've worked on them long enough without their manifesting and it’s time to stop the madness.  After all how long do we want to hold on without results?  We are hungry, cold, frustrated, depressed and outright pissed.  Paul even mentioned that some people might have forgotten what it’s like to eat more than one meal a day.

I have said countless times, but it bears repeating, we can’t give up in midstream.  If we have a dream, there’s a reason we have it and it will plague us until we realize that giving up is not the solution even though we know mushing forward is still going to be difficult.  What we need to understand is that the challenges we sometimes have to deal with don’t last forever.  It just feels that way.

We ask.  Is there a solution?  Of course, there’s always a solution and that is to keep doing what we’re already doing and keep at it until the doors open.  Have you ever noticed that when we decide we’re finished, really finished this time, we spend an enormous amount of time trying to convince ourselves that we’re serious and nothing and no one is going to talk us out of not doing this anymore, especially when a good paying job is staring us in the face that allows us to breathe easier when the bills come in and the cupboard is bare.  Then,  within practically the next thought, we’re thinking of some way to manifest our dreams.  That’s because we’re not going to be let off the hook.  Trying to toss our dreams aside just is not going to work.  And we know this because we’ve tried over and over and we always lose.
So keep chugging.  Wipe the sweat from your brow while wading through the stream leading to the other side.  Now wave goodbye to the challenges you thought would stop you and start manifesting your dreams.