Sunday, November 26, 2017

I Didn't Say I Wanted To Do That. Or Did I?

I have a question for you and it's this; what would you be doing if you already knew, in advance, what you came here to do?  Yes, yes, I can hear it now.  Gripe, gripe. “How could I answer a question like that?  If I knew what I was supposed to be doing, I’d be doing it.  Duh.”

Alex Grey, Process of the Soul: Body, Mind, Spirit
Well, what if you were to contemplate the fact that you did come here already knowing what you wanted to accomplish, what lessons you wanted to learn, and what giving and receiving you planned to engage in?  What if you had made some sort of arrangements before coming here to do certain things, things that would expand your consciousness, grow your soul and cause an evolution the world has yet to see the likes of?

 Sound preposterous?  What if that is exactly what happened?  Can you visualize what you would be doing?  When you do are you able to feel things stirring up inside you that were long forgotten?  Do ideas and images appear to you that weren’t there before?  Do you notice feelings of passion welling up inside you as if you have reconnected with some long-awaited dream?

But is it preposterous?  Or is part of your reality waiting to be discovered?  Are you opening up to something that is already part of the big picture?  Is it there waiting for you to claim and make part of your life in the here and now?

Of course, then the next question has to be, “So, what is it that you ARE doing?”  Are you living your dream, your passion, that part of that has you jumping out of bed each morning excited about moving further onto the path of your destiny, that part of you which already knows what is yours?
Whether or not you subscribe to the concept of ‘scripts’ or ‘sacred contracts,’ can you conceive of the possibility that the choices you are making now concerning how you are living your life, have already been made in advance - by you?

✨ Marian


  1. Beautiful! Keep doing what God lays upon your heart and NEVER give up!

  2. Great job my dear friend MARIAN!!!!!I am doing exactly what I want to be doing and I feel like the jumping girl! A great illustration. FYI our next shelter will be Bowery women, and Village Care facility. Love my work. Thanks for the great reminder. Blessings