Sunday, November 12, 2017

Are You In Your Groove?

One bummed out Clayton Kershaw
Did you happen to watch the World Series games between the L.A. Dodgers and the Houston Astros.  I have to admit that I only watched the last three games but it was enough for me to wonder if the Dodgers really were serious about winning.  And while I’m pretty sure they had it in their heads that they wanted to win, their actions indicated something else.  The aggressiveness of the Astros constantly overpowered the ability of the Dodgers to find their groove.  Was it because the Dodgers didn’t think they had a groove to find or did they think it wasn’t important enough?  I spent three games muttering, “Come on already, look like you care.”  I doubt I was the only one.

Okay the reason I bring all this up and use these games as examples is because it puts us in the position of asking of ourselves, “How are we playing our game” -  games in this case being the winning of our dreams.  Are we motivated enough to want to find our groove and stay there?  Or do we exclaim that we hope to find our groove and that things will somehow work out for us?  Do we half-heartedly make an effort to manifest our dreams thinking that will suffice?

I want to make it clear that this is not about bashing the Dodgers.  It’s about asking ourselves if we approach fulfilling our dreams in the same manner.  If we can say yes to this then we already know what the results will be although I doubt any of us would cop to working from this level or with this attitude.  When we don’t see the manifestation of our dreams can we ask, “Is this what I’m doing.”  And can we be truthful with our answer even if it’s not what we want to confront. 

All said, don’t despair.  The good news is that once we realize what we’re doing we’re in the position of changing our approach.  So be awake, be aware.  Then decide what your end goal really is and work from there.  Make sure that when the soles of your shoes are worn out it’s the result of real action. 

⚾ Marian 

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