Thursday, January 16, 2020

Does Enough Pain Cause Us to Change?

There’s a saying that when the pain of staying the same becomes worse than the pain involved in changing, we will change.  But when it comes to our soul’s life how long are we willing to suffer before we cry uncle? Which is more important to us?  Our ability to tolerate the pain so we don’t have to change or our willingness to work to change in order to alleviate the pain and live from a higher level of consciousness?  Will we cling to the old and familiar because, while we might still be miserable, we know what we’re used to.

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown can be scary.  So can staying the same because growth doesn’t occur within the status quo.  It happens when we make the conscious decision to “break the chains that bind us.”  

Committing to pushing through to the point of changing means we have to let go of the death grip we have on our connection to staying the same and not allow it to stop us in our tracks whether we have been dealing with a challenge for a long time or it seems to have been thrust upon us seemingly unannounced.  When we give our power away we are powerless. Give ourselves power and we are empowered.

In the movie “We bought a Zoo” one of the actors said “20 seconds of embracing courage and I promise you something good will come from it.”  


Quote:  The question is not “what if I die tomorrow?”  It is, “what if I live another 20-30 years the way I am?”  (Kim Wolnski)

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