Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yeah Baby! Bring it On!

Driving through the Rockies
What do a 3,000-mile drive across the United States and one of the worst hurricanes in northeast history have in common?  The answer to that is nothing unless you happen to be the one doing the driving heading toward the forces of Mother Nature and her aftermath which varied depending on where you lived.  But whether or not one is directly involved or just feels the remnants of a particular happening, everyone is affected on some level meaning we really can’t escape forces that are destined to be part of our lives.  This was my experience as I drove from Portland, Oregon to New York City in October 2012 arriving just three days before Hurricane Sandy.

Life shows up.  It’s as simple as that.  The question is, though, will we grab life with both hands saying “bring it on” (active) or are we more inclined to throw our arms up in the air reciting “whatever” (passive.)  If we knew in advance what would be coming our way would we wait to move forward until we considered it safe or would we plunge ahead anyway?  Is it worth the risk to take on something without truly knowing all the ins and outs?  And what happens when we don’t have much of a choice?  Would we be willing to allow our experience to grow us or would we fret and complain at the inconveniences that come our way which force us to lay aside our current activities so unwelcome things can be dealt with?

If we come to the conclusion that life is going to be what it’s going to be can we actually give a resounding “yes” to everything that comes our way.  And if we can, will we decide to allow a passive approach to linger or will we take a more active approach using it to catapult ourselves forward as we take hold of the reins once again proclaiming that “come hell or high water” we will survive the storm.

💥 Marian

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