Monday, January 1, 2018

It All Begins Now

Well, we’ve ushered out the old year and are beginning a new one and whether we are feeling the effects of celebrating or writing our resolutions put in a drawer, forgotten, until we happen upon them at some other time, we still have a tendency to put some preparation into making sure we’re on solid ground as we start a new year as if not doing so could put us in the position of starting off on the wrong foot.  But whatever our rituals or superstitions, we do take time to celebrate the passing of the old and the starting of the new and that’s as it should be.

So, what are our plans?  Will they be brand new challenges or unfinished business from previous days, those old dreams lingering in the recesses of our minds?  Having gone around the block with some of our dreams more than once, we feel we are no longer in the game of working with them until something triggers an awareness held deep within setting off a new string of thoughts that bring them back to us full-circle.  Will we open up and release all that does not serve us and allow that which does to enter into our awareness so they are given the attention they deserve?  But whether old or new, if they tug at our heartstrings and are beckoning for us to listen to them, then the message has been delivered. 

There’s something almost magical about celebrating collectively.  It seems to authenticate our plans and give them power.  So, if ringing in a new year is what propels us forward, let every day be a ringing of the bells, let every hour awaken us to our full potential and every second fill us with the realization that it all begins ‘now.’  There will always be celebrations surrounding the ending of things and the beginning of other things but the most important thing to celebrate is ‘that’ we begin.

Now, given a brand new year with 365 days to fill in the blanks, let us fulfill the promises we have made to ourselves as we place one foot in front of the other on that highway leading to the realization of all that our hearts yearn for and all that our very wise spirits lead us to experience for the growth of our souls.

Violet Trefusis
As Violet Trefusis penned to Vita Sackville-West in her letters dated September and October 1918, “live fully, live passionately…let’s live you and I, as none have ever lived before.”

🎉🎉 Marian

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