Sunday, January 14, 2018

Watch Out, That First Step Can Be A Doozie

Have you ever wondered about how Humpty Dumpty ended up on the ground after being on the wall for so long?  Was he pushed from behind or did he jump hoping to land in one piece?  Well, while we aren’t ever going to be able to solve this one, we can question our time on our own walls.  You know, the ones we sit on with our legs and feet dangling while we’re trying to decide what to do.  What if we finally decide to get off our wall and, even though we’re scared, we really don’t want to go back but we don't know what would happen if we stay where we have landed? Would we be willing to get off our wall knowing full well it could take a long time to get to where we want and that many difficulties are inevitable? We might even question if it really was that bad on our wall and wonder if we could adapt to staying there indefinitely.  

Okay, let’s say we decide to come down from our wall and, in the process, we slip and come crashing down.  Now we’re in a lot of pieces, something we hadn’t planned on.  How do we put ourselves back together again?  We can cry for help in the hopes of finding someone to do what all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t do.  But we now know we can’t go back because it wasn’t working where we were or we would have stayed there.  So now we’re faced with even more scary stuff like taking risks that lead us into the unknown with unknown consequences. 

Our pieces represent those parts of our lives that make it what it is – our careers, our material belongings, our relationships and our spiritual journeys, just to name a few.  So, while looking at some of our pieces, we might decide we no longer need some of them.  We might want new pieces, pieces that look and feel differently.  Some pieces might need altering or rearranging.  Sometimes, we need to replace all of our pieces.

Cracking up isn’t fun but growth doesn’t occur when we stay put too long in the same place.  It happens when we allow ourselves the opportunity to fall apart so that we can make ourselves into a new, better and bigger us.

❤ Marian

"What would happen if we picked up the pieces of our lives, held them and scrutinized them long enough to receive a glimpse of what we could become if we put them back together in a different way.  " - Marian 

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