Sunday, January 7, 2018

Oops! Did I Forget Who I Am?

As we’re still in the early days of the new year, do we find ourselves floundering attempting to discern exactly how we want to move forward?  Is there an unrest within that causes us to feel unsettled as if someone, something, is trying to reach us but we just can’t seem to make the connection?  Does it seem feel like an internal wild wind howling?

If we can answer yes to that question can we also agree that it has howled loud enough to get our attention or will we keep looking around for the source only to have to finally acknowledge that it’s within us?  Will we finally become so exhausted from trying to figure things out on our own that we give up and decide to listen to that howling wind?  Can we release our defenses so that other part of us can speak, that non-physical part that knows all about us and has the answers to all of our questions?  Call it inner self, higher self, that still small voice or give it the name of your choice, it’s function remains the same.  Its purpose is to help us look below the surface of our being and see who we really are, that the answers we seek are already there and always have been.

So, can we accept the message from our inner source when it says it’s never too late, we do have what it takes, and that it will get us to where we want to be?  When it speaks, will we hear, ‘remember, remember, remember who you are and let me show you how to plug into your real spirit so that you may reclaim your power.’

💘 Marian

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