Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jump Already!!!

Blue Cave Castle, Jamaica 
Picture this.  You’re perched high above an abyss.  Your toes are actually holding you in place and keeping you from tottering over.  Now can you release your toes and take one step forward into the unknown?
How often have we stood at the edge contemplating whether to jump or not?  No, not that edge. The other one. The one where we stand looking at our future before us and wonder if we should take the chance.  We’ve heard “jump and the ground will appear below us.” Nice words but without taking the plunge, we’re never going to know which presents quite a dilemma.  “Do it,” “don’t do it,” “yes,” “no,” “yes,” “no,” “maybe some other day,” “oh forget it.” All the bogeymen come out to taunt us and the thought of our pending madness in our seeming inability to make a decision to do what we already know needs to be done is not helping.  So, the dialogue continues, “Do it already, what’s the worst that can happen?” Now we move closer to the edge, get scared, pull back and declare, “Stop pushing me, I’m not ready. I don’t care that I’ve been standing in this same spot for ten years.”

Taking the plunge doesn’t mean we’ve failed when everything doesn’t fall into place right away.  It means we’ve started and each next step will be its own new plunge. But for each one and for each success each leap gets easier and easier.

So, let’s fly, fly off the edge right into our dreams.  And don’t look down. Look forward because that’s where we’re headed.  We’re not falling, we’ve being lifted up.  

From Fun Kids Live



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