Monday, October 23, 2017

"We're In This Together," Says the Universe

There seems to be some controversy these days about whether the Universe is expanding or stretching but since they don’t seem to have come to any conclusion about which it is I don’t know that it matters unless one is doing a comparative analysis between the Universe and ourselves.  Are we expanding?  Are we stretching?  
Mind Mandala
Or is a better word ‘evolving?  Are we taking advantage of opportunities and open doors?  Are we looking further out beyond our current horizons or are we digging in our heels refusing to move while desperately clinging to our comfort zones?  Are we allowing outside voices to become so loud we can’t even hear ourselves think much less hear Spirit when it’s attempting to speak to and/or through us? 

David Reneke 
Thai Monkey Festival
When we permit the world around us to evolve without us everyone loses.  All the good we have to offer can’t reach intended targets and creative juices no longer continue to flow.  It’s as if we are standing still in the midst of a banquet refusing to partake of the feast.  The goodies are there but we aren’t enjoying them because in order to do so we have to make an effort to move in their direction.  Deciding to move our feet is a conscious decision to do so.  Deciding not to is also a conscious decision.  Both are active but the results are different.

Thai Monkey Festival
 So, doesn’t it stand to reason that regardless of which word we use to describe a Universe that is limitless, we too are limitless?  We are powerful and we can set ourselves up to have powerful experiences.  We can be pioneers and we can move into and occupy a bigger space.  We can tap into the wellspring of abundance being offered and reap the rewards.


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  1. I love all the photos you have inserted along with the captions and reminders of ..... WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD